We get so excited about finally going to Australia that a useful packing list for Australia weather can seem like a tough algorithm. Especially when the weather can vacillate in one day between warm and sunny, then chilly and breezy. Or even when it’s finger chilling outside and the heat is blasted indoors.

How do you dress for the beach in cooler weather? How do you stay warm while still being cozy and stylish? Heels? Sneakers? Booties?

Useful packing list for Australia
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Here’s my recommendations for what you need to bring for your Australian destination.

Packing list

Away: has become my favorite in my favorite color, of course. Regardless of the destination, I try to only bring a carry-on. Deep pockets on each side, straps to hold you belongings in tightly, and the ejectable battery charger. As a tip because this luggage is popular, I riddle mine with stickers to be easily identified and more personable.

Packing cubes: Also listed in my 7 Sanity Saving Tips to Survive International Travel.

Michael Kors Rhea backpack: personal items with different compartments that’s sturdy and large enough to hold your tablet and other electronics. Although the straps seem thin, mine still shows no signs of tears or breaking…and I load this backpack down pretty good while traveling! This usually doubles as my purse when traveling so my hands are free to explore, take pictures, touch the flora and fauna…you get it. 

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Packing list

Definite needs are blister-free sneakers, comfortable, stylish flats and low-heeled pumps for more formal occasions. Thongs (flip flops) that won’t rub toes for long walks and hitting the beach. You can find two of these at Rothy’s.  Made from recycled plastic and fully machine washable, not only are they comfortable, but eco-friendly, budget friendly and foot friendly.

When you are done with your adventures, the shoes are machine washable, no dryer, and as good as new so feel free to traipse on dirt roads, forests, fields and all other terrain.  


Packing listSunscreen is a MUST. Badger is my all time favorite as it’s gentle on your skin and reef safe sunscreen (all natural ingredients). Bonus that it’s formulated for outdoor activities like swimming and biking so it won’t sweat or wash off. But, you do have to reapply, reapply, reapply. Do it early and often. 

However, I do personally believe the best sun protection is a hat, breathable long sleeves and sunnies. Not surprisingly, Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world (I know, Debbie Downer!) 

Tatcha is cruelty free, free of sulfates, phthalates and is a clean skincare line that will leave skin hydrated and refreshed regardless of the skin type. This is most important not just when traveling, but especially when going to drier climates. My skin is usually an oil slick, but that doesn’t mean it can’t become dry.

Some of my favorites to take with me for drier climates are: The Rice Polish cleanser for removing EVERYTHING from your face; the Water Cream is a lightweight option for moisture and hydration. And of course, not to forget the sunscreen that protects from UVA and UVB rays, the Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen. It doesn’t clog the pores and feels like a primer when applied.  I usually also take the sample sized Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment that improves dry dull undereye skin, as you don’t need to apply much.

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What to Wear

Packing list

Outfits that transition easily from day to night, such as jeans and layered tops with a lightweight jumper or scarf; just add statement earrings to dress up the look. Remember to also pack pieces that are interchangeable and not too many prints as it can limit your wardrobe.

Swimmers/togs, hats and casual attire like t-shirt and shorts (remember Sydney is laaaaaid-back). A rain jacket is seasonless, and will be needed at some point.


What are some of your packing must haves when visiting Australia?


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