ADVERTISING POLICY’s policy regarding promotions, endorsements, reviews and testimonials.

Thank you for showing my blog some love! This website represents a source of income for Sophieuncharted’s owner and as a result, accepts forms of paid advertising, sponsorship, endorsements, affiliate links, or other forms of compensation. This website may be used to sell or promote products created by Sophieuncharted or other advertising partners and offer services for a fee or other forms of compensation. I will endeavor to clearly identify any content containing affiliate links, paid or sponsored content or advertising space, where applicable.

I may, at times, be compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. I will always endeavor to give my honest opinions or observations about my experiences relating to those products or services. I also endeavor to only recommend services and products that I feel would benefit you all.

The products, services or experiences that I promote on this website may have been gifted free of charge. Reviews and articles written about destinations, hotels, products or services may have come about as part of a collaboration with a brand, company or tourism board and may have been experienced on a complimentary basis with or without additional compensation. Please note, this does not necessarily ensure a positive review in any way.

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Effective Date of Disclosure Policy:  8 May 2020

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